Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinterest - shifting from verbal to visual

This is where the RWG strategists will post about things that inspire us. For example, one experience I'm really into right now is Pinterest - a social media outlet where people can create virtual pin boards of interesting things they come across on the web. I use it in several ways e.g., to create menu boards for parties, to capture beautiful images from the world of design and typography, and to keep a record of places I've been. I also browse it regularly for images that spark new ideas.

To me, Pinterest is the anti-Facebook. It is visual over verbal.  There is no "Farmville," there are no posts from people whining about their commute or sharing what they ate for lunch, and you don't get "Friended" by someone you might have known in high school but don't remember and definitely haven't seen or thought about for 30 years. I have grown weary of this obsessive over-sharing.

On Pinterest people follow you based on their interest in the images you post. They don't know the intimate details of your life and you don't get subjected to theirs. I love it because it's visually stimulating and a goldmine of ideas on a myriad of subjects from food, travel, art, architecture, sports, design and so much more.

Here are some of my boards: http://pinterest.com/asunder/

Pinterest could be a big opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers in an authentic, organic way. Brands or products can be "discovered" based on the interests of the Pinterest user and then those users become advocates for your brand by "repinning" your content. However, users' BS meters are set on high alert and marketers must strive to be well integrated into the Pinterest aesthetic, not merely try to capitalize on the latest social media trend.

Here's a succinct and useful article with tips for how brands can play on Pinterest: http://mashable.com/2012/02/27/pinterest-marketing/

Amy Sundermann, Senior Strategist